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        About Us

        Island View Shipping, a division of Grindrod Shipping Pte Ltd, was founded in 1976, acquired by Grindrod Limited in 1999 and has become one of the world’s foremost bulkcarrier owner-operators, carrying between 12 and 14 million tonnes per annum globally on a fleet of owned, long period chartered and spot operated vessels. The modern eco fleet of 32 vessels, including 13 ships owned in joint venture, is predominantly Japanese built handysize and supramax / ultramax bulkcarriers. In addition, a number of third-party vessels are commercially managed in the IVS pool. Our teams of specialist operators ensure efficient fleet utilisation and, in addition to the global tramping of our fleet (with particular focus on routes into and out of the Indian Ocean basin), IVS offers a regular handysize / handymax parcel service to the North-West continent, UK, Mediterranean and the Far East, scheduling approximately 8 vessels per month from South Africa, Mozambique, East Africa and Namibian ports and regular sailing from Europe and South America into the Indian Ocean islands.


        Shipping between 12 and 14 million tonnes per annum globally


        Handysize Bulk Carriers

        The fleet is commercially managed in-house by our experienced chartering and operations teams in Singapore, London, Durban and Tokyo. 


        Supramax Bulk Carriers

        Our fleet of owned and long and short period chartered-in supramax bulk carriers are chartered-out and operated by our supramax chartering operation based in Singapore with branch of?ces in London, Durban and Tokyo.

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