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        Key steps to move shares from the JSE to the Nasdaq
        DescriptionDate filedDownload
        Deposit Request Form (US)04 Jul 2018PDF
        Withdrawal Request Form (SA)04 Jul 2018PDF
        • Computershare is the company’s administrative depository agent in South Africa. 
        • The shareholder or broker’s CSD Participant must complete the SA_US withdrawal request form and forward same to Computershare.  
        • Simultaneously, the CSD Participant will advise Strate to withdraw the shares from the administrative depository register in South Africa and forward the instructions (CM42) to Computershare.
        • Upon receipt of instructions from Strate and the withdrawal form, Computershare will verify the details. If all are correct, Computershare will forward same to the US  transfer agent to record the shares in the US.
        • A share advice will then be issued reflecting the number of shares withdrawn from the administrative depository register in South Africa and the South African account of the shareholder will reflect the number of shares remaining after the removal.
        • Where requests are received by Computershare from Strate prior to 14h30 (SAST) daily, the US transfer agent will be advised on the same day, however if received after 14h30 (SAST), the share movement may only reflect the next day.

        Contact details for Computershare:
        Telephone: +27 (0)11 370-5000
        Email: info@computershare.co.za


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